Guiding Organizations Through Digital Transformations

Digital Transition Summary

RTR Digital uses the latest technologies to assist businesses in completing the digital transition. Using our proven 3 step process, we create customized solutions that stretch budgets farther and enable organizations to operate lean, efficient business models.

Starting With a Solid Infrastructure

Virtual Infrastructures

Virtual infrastructures offer organizations the ability to manage their critical services in the cloud.

Hybrid Infrastructures

Hybrid infrastructures offer organizations the flexibility of combining cloud and on-premise equipment to manage critical services.

Local Infrastructures

Local infrastructures offer security above all else, exclusively relying upon on-premise equipment to manage services.

Digital Infrastructure Options

Compare Digital Infrastructures

Virtual InfrastructureHybrid InfrastructureLocal Infrastructure
Initial Cost
Long-Term Cost
Security Management +
Data Storage +
Remote Access
Maintenance Cost

Enabling Digital Services

Services That Fit

Choose from a variety of digital services, but only deploy the ones that make sense for your organization’s goals and budget.

Increase Productivity

Automate daily remedial tasks and increase employee productivity by up to 25% by reducing your organization’s administrative work.

Achieve Operational Transparency

When organizations opt to deploy digital services, they acquire full visibility into the efficiencies of their operations.

Digital Services Image

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Providing Transitional Support

Engaging On-site Training

Acclimate employees to the new tools at their disposal by beginning the process with in-person, hands-on training sessions.

Enhanced Virtual Support

Create a virtual library of interactive tutorials that will reinforce positive habits and provide on-demand learning.

Extended Employee Development

Provide employees with a documented path for success with learning management systems that provide job-specific development.

Talent Scale

Developing Internal Talent

eLearning Screenshot

With learning management systems widely available, it’s never been easier to support organizations throughout the digital transition. Check out the demo below. With on-demand, task-specific training available to every employee, organizations can give clear direction on the skills need to fill every position.