Digital Training and Professional Development

We specialize in Interactive Digital Media that surpasses the efficiency, accessibility, and engagement levels offered by in-person training.

Employee Lifecycle

RTR Digital takes a broader approach to professional development, one that aligns with an organization’s commitment to lifelong learning.

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Skills Assessment

Find the right talent faster. With new testing methods, HR departments can accurately identify target skill sets for consideration along with traditional background information.

Learning Pathways

Every person deserves an opportunity to grow. With customizable learning paths, every employee is given a productive path toward reaching their career goals.

Reward Systems

Professional growth deserves to be rewarded. With advanced badging and certification, organizations get a clear picture of workforce achievements.

Succession Planning

Employees have value in every phase of their careers. Whether mobility leads upward in an organization, or out, capturing knowledge before the transition begins is vital to success.

Are you looking for individualized training?

In addition to offering our training and educational services through business-to-business channels, individuals can access our professional development programs through our online learning portal, RTR Learning.

Interactive Training Solutions

We develop digital learning solutions that help organizations streamline learning and development by reducing administrative time and automating information distribution.

Software Simulations

Create a safe space for learners to increase software proficiency without installing the original application. Simulations provide an interactive experience that builds muscle memory and information retention better than video alone.

E-Learning Content

Provide lecture-style presentations that offer a blending learning experience with different modalities for various learning styles. Deliver vital information, on-demand, in a format that best suits their learning needs.

Custom Assessments

Test for the skill sets that are most important to the organization. By creating custom assessments, organizations can see beyond the basics of a resume and start to determine a candidate’s potential for productivity.

Check Out What We Are All About

Here’s a short video from our founder about why the RTR Digital experience is different.

Educational Services

We also offer services that can improve your internal workforce development infrastructure.

Learning Management

Formalize the learning and development strategy with a Learning Management System (LMS). LMS’s store and display the steps along the path towards career goals, providing motivation and clarity in the process.

Curriculum Development

Document clear and achievable steps in professional development. Determining the quantity and sequence of learning is vital in maintaining the learning process and increasing an organization’s ability to promote from within.

Online Events

Collaborate with event experts on getting the most engagement and interactivity from virtual meetings. Layout a strategy to keep attendees engaged leading up to, during, and after online events with innovative methods for modern meetings.

Have More Questions?

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The RTR Digital Difference

By using the latest technologies, RTR Digital offers its clients advanced features that show the results of our partnerships in training and education.

Seamless Integration

Integrate training and educational resources across mobile phones, tablets, or any connected device with an internet browser.

Learning Analytics

Discover ways to improve content comprehension, retention, and application through machine learning and insights.

Automatic Reporting

Get the reports your organization needs to stay in compliance, on track and operating at a knowledge level that gives you an advantage.