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Partnering with Businesses

Efficient, Informed, and Empowered

Finding a Balance

Smaller organizations are often underfunded and overworked, while larger organizations tend to rely on legacy equipment and methods to carry out day-to-day operations. Through consulting, RTR Digital provides vital information that enables both large enterprises and smaller organizations to find the most efficient way to operate. The goal of every engagement with our partners is to deliver an increase in operational efficiency, resulting in cost savings, sales growth, and lower employee turnover.

Efficiency Through Data

We enable organizations to visualize their operations using the data their applications produce. With the proper software and hardware solutions in place, Organizations gain insights into how efficiently they are communicating, managing, and interacting with their resources. The end result is an increase in operational efficiency, cost savings, sales growth, and lower employee turnover.

Measurable Results

Through the strategic deployment of hardware and software solutions, RTR Digital guides organizations through the process of transitioning to an all-digital, trackable method of operating. These new digital methods provide management new insights into every aspect of their business, enabling them to make informed decisions about the future.

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Partnering with the Community

It’s Time Tech Engaged

Creating a Positive Impact

Many businesses assume their success will naturally create a positive impact on their respective communities. RTR Digital finds this passive approach to community engagement unsatisfactory and strives to help shape the communities that support us actively. We’ve chosen to align our business model with the needs of the community around us, and our success produces results that address the needs of our community.

We Call Oakland Home

With that in mind, we chose Oakland as the location for our headquarters because of its great sense of community, desire to access technology sector jobs, and resilience of its constituents. Oakland serves as our beacon for change and is home to many non-profits and small businesses that are actively trying to make a difference in the world.

Community Hiring and Training

As the need for more skilled technology workers emerges, RTR Digital is prioritizing hiring local talent. To ensure this talent is prepared for the jobs we create, RTR Digital created RTR Learning. RTR Learning is a platform that enables our virtual customer support, and also serves as a low-cost technical training hub. RTR Digital has a shared interest in increasing everyone’s technical abilities, and we’re deploying our cutting-edge platforms to ensure it happens.

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Partnering with the Environment

Targeting Sustainability

Aiming for Neutral

We’re just as committed partnering with the environment as we are with other businesses. We understand the environment is the most precious part of our existence as humans, and businesses have to do more to reduce or neutralize their carbon footprint. RTR Digital is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, and the consulting services we provide to our partners help them along the same path.

Targeting Harmful Waste

One of the greatest environmental benefits of our services manifests itself as a reduction of paper waste, boasting an organizational reduction by up to 75%. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “in 2017, paper and paperboard materials comprised the largest component of municipal solid waste (MSW).” A reduction in paper waste simultaneously reduces an organization’s 

Recycling Equipment

Our goal as an organization to do more than simply reduce waste, we also engage in practices that help reuse and recycle. RTR Digital encourages and promotes programs that enable organizations to donate older equipment to nonprofits and small businesses.