Digital Support Services

The Key to Implementation

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Virtual Support

How do you get the answers you need, now?

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Remote Support

How often do you need face-to-face support?

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On-Site Support

Do you need hands-on experience?

Virtual Support Options

Learning On-Demand

There’s no need to wait when you need an answer to a question. RTR Digital’s virtual support option enables organizations to access the support library anytime, from any device.


Virtual support activities are broken down into easily digestible, micro learnings that enable employees to quickly acquire the exact skill for which they’ve been searching.

Unlimited Access

Every platform and service we deploy includes unlimited access to our content library, helping employees achieve the next level in their careers through clear expectations.

Online Learning

Remote Support Options

24 Hour Response Time

Our industry-leading service portal enables organizations to submit tickets for any issue they may be having, and each ticket received is handled by a first responder within 24 hours of receipt.

All-Inclusive Pricing

RTR Digital’s remote support plans include the cost of service at a low monthly fee, enabling organizations to confidently as for assistance without worrying about how much it will cost.

Safe and Secure

Our first responders access an organization’s computers using technology designed by the manufacturers themselves, offering a safe and secure way to enable members of our staff to view and change application settings.

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On-Site Support Options

Regularly Scheduled Training

Employees have the best chance of success when support is on-site and ready to interact. This option enables organizations the opportunity to hold regular development sessions.

Hands-On Learning

While hands-on training is at a premium, it does offer employees a chance to closely interact with the software they’ll be using while an expert is on-site.

Social Environments

On-site training provides the best social learning opportunities for any of our support options. With everyone in the same room, employees are more collaborative, ask more questions, and retain more information.

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